September 1st, 2008
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Man Flu


I am writing this under a batch of man flu, so forgive me if this is a bit short. Nevertheless my weekend consisted of the following:-

  • Puchasing Civilization: Beyond The Sword (which includes the “Gold” Addon pack), already the Welsh (yes, you can play as them) have marched into Canterbury, raped and pillaged the English, and destroyed the Aztecs. And it’s only 1190AD. If anybody fancies an online game, let me know.
  • Got a sore ankle and neck from my exercising on Friday. Ow.
  • Been horrendously busy doing a bunch of projects. Yay to business though!
  • Travel to Bamber Bridge to see Colwyn Bay get eliminated from the FA cup (you can actually see highlights online here). Nice club, great beer, alright pies.
  • Find a new species of caterpillar, because the football was boring.
  • Cleaned out a bunch of clothes.
  • And – most importantly – prepared for Sweden! I cannot wait, spoke to Sara (who occassionally posts on here) in a drunken manner.

So I’m trying to get over my man flu, will post soon. How was your weekend?

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