September 9th, 2008
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Sumo Omni Chair


A few weeks a go, a chap contacted me to see if I was interested in a free Sumo Omni Chair for a review on this blog, I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure how to review a bean bag, but nevertheless, I like a challenge, so told him to send it this way. I had a look at the website, and it looked pretty swish – like one of those bean bag chairs. I hate those bean bag chairs, my arse sinks into them and are impossible to get out of. They also seem to hurt my back if I sit on them for a long time.

I mentioned that I was getting one on Plurk, in my standard British sarcastic way, and it turned out that they’re hugely popular in America, and are actually quite cool, which gives me – as the most uncool man in the history of the world – no reason at all for me to review it.

Nevertheless, I put it to the back of my mind, until Mum sent me this photo.

Jeez, it’s huge! It’s the height of at least 5 Jack Russell’s!

I love it, it’s so comfortable. My dog loves it, as it’s fun. My dad, who doesn’t sit on anything except hard chairs, loves it, and it came at just the right time as well – my room at home is being converted into a proper bachelor’s boudoir, with a decent telly and chairs. This is becoming the pride of place in it, though at the moment it’s locked safely in the attic, as it’s not only huge, but it takes up a lot of space.

Plus, Guy said “I’d love to have sex on it!”, it does seem like that could be a purpose for it too ;).

So, my final verdict is this. If you’re a bachelor, get it. They’re comfortable and perfect for Wiiing, shagging go knows what elsing on. If you are a midget, or live in a very small house, then I’d advise against it. They dominate rooms (in good ways), but still take up more room than your average great lake. Myself? I adore it, it’s my kind of chair that I can throw around and sit on. Speaking as a guy who thinks that bean bags should only be used in school and Christian camps, that’s a big thing. Top chairage!

Click here for more information on the Sumo Omni Chair.

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