September 26th, 2008
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The Good, The Bad and the (Hopefully) Ugly


Busy busy busy! That’s me! Certain people who I may or may not have seen naked have commented on the downward spiral this blog has been on on plurk. I’m a little concerned, yes, but my social life has been awesome, and some of my websites have been doing well, so much so that I’m actually considering removing paid advertising on this block (I will hopefully aim to become more authoritive, talk about things which I do use and do find useful/fun, and yes I will include affiliate links). But the amount of money I get from it is negliable, and it’s lucky, because all my deals are seemingly ending at the end of next month. I’m kinda restructuring my online efforts now, watch this space. But some of you may weep, some of you may jump for joy, but I’ve decided – as far as a personal blog goes, I can’t really make too much money out of it, but will talk about it next week.

And so onto the post – the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good
I’m finally beginning to become a good driver. I still can’t drive my mum’s car (the gear ratios are all screwy on it), but I’m loving the Golf’s. My maneouvers are coming along nicely, for one, my parallel parking is – to coin a phrase – pretty fucking good.

That was my second attempt, my first attempt was just as close!

I’m taking my test in 6 weeks, and unsure exactly on how I’ll do, I’m scared that they’d mark me down for something like observation, and I use my wing mirror far too much in reversing around a corner, but other than that, I’m pretty confident. Which generally means I’ll forget my driving licence or something.

The Bad
I’ve really hurt my back. It’s probably the only negative quality I’ve inherited from my dad, is his bad back, I can’t say I have the best posture, and my “exercises” put a little bit of strain on it (though I actually do a lot to strengthen my back). I got up earlier today, and felt a twinge, and grimaced in agony. Now my right leg is incredibly sore, and really don’t fancy paintballing tomorrow.

The Ugly
Yes, paintballing! This weekend is the stag weekend for one of my mates, and I’m off to York. I’m incredibly looking forward to it, though scared that some of my mates are marrying off, and I’m still living at home. Oh well, plenty of time to grow up.

I’ll try and get at least one photo from the weekend (though suspect it’s one of those “what happens in the weekend goes on facebook stays on the weekend. Will see you Monday though!)

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