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American Golf Fans.

Particularly American Golf Fans in the Ryder Cup.

Now, I’m writing this on the Sunday before the singles, so I don’t actually know the final result, but as it stands, USA are leading 9-7 with the final event, the singles, to come.

In watching the previous 2 days, at times I been tempted to throw my remote straight through the television. It’s been at times, painful. Boo Radley, who seems like the real life version of Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, is the worst, deliberately antagonising the crowd. But something about them makes me want to churn.

You see, there was this one point on the 2nd day where an American, hit the ball into the woods. Fair enough, tricky shot. However, “luckily” it seemed to bounce (pretty highly I may add), out of the woods. Anybody think a fan just threw it out of the trees? Luckily, the American hit the ball into the water the next shot, so a little bit of justice. But still it seemed odd.

And they make no sense! I mean, what the ruddy hell does “Be the ball!” mean?

Now, two things I’d like to point out – I love Americans. I know loads, and consider loads to be my friends. They’re everything which common perception says they aren’t: funny, intelligent and genuinely nice people. However, the golf fans don’t seem to do you people justice.

Secondly, a few people may claim sour grapes, but they did it four years ago, when we hammered you! I remember the boos that rang around Oakland when Monty sank the winning putt.

So, dispite the factthat I love golf, and love Americans, I think put the two together, and you’ve got a fan 1 step above football hooligans. What do you think?

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