September 29th, 2008
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What Happens on The Stag Do….


Stays on the stag do.

Sorry, certain things I can’t blog about, including what happens. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much. It’s hardly incriminating.

I will say two things though.

The first, was I really shouldn’t have drunk as much as I did on the Friday night. Worryingly, I can’t remember large parts of the evening, even more worryingly is I returned with more money than I went out with. I checked my account, and I didn’t take any out.

This rolled over to Saturday morning, which going to war, it was a little grim. Lord knows how I even eventually, 3 hours into war, I picked myself up and fought properly instead of pussying around.

Once I shook my hangover, it was really good fun, insane adrenaline rush, meaning I was constantly out of breath. Then again, I may just be unfit, and one game I was actually useful, dangerous, and took two fantastic kills.

I did end up with a few bruises, this is the best one, which is on my back.

Sexy, n’est pas.

So, despite this, and the fact that I wouldn’t trust any of my friends with a smoke bomb (and I’m sure the feeling’s mutual), I had a great weekend. How was yours?

Also, apparently over the weekend there was another update of pagerank. Any of your blog changed? Do you care?

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