October 13th, 2008
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Away Day


How the hell do I keep going, that’s my question :)

I went away to watch the mighty mighty seagulls play Clitheroe in the league. I’ll be honest, I haven’t talked about the Bay for the last few weeks, and with two very, very, very good reasons.

  1. Most of you don’t care.
  2. We’ve been absolutely rubbish.

So it hasn’t been the best of times to be a bay fan, and that was coupled with the trip to Clitheroe yesterday. Home of the world’s most uneven pitch.

Why we still believe is that we’ve made a few good signings. Firstly we’ve resigned Lord Blackie of Goalscore, who’s awesome, and another interesting signing is ex Tranmere player Dave “20 Long Throws” Challinor, who became a bit of a cult hero about 7-8 years ago with his famous attacking long throws, which lead Tranmere to the final of the Worthington Cup, and a number of teams changed their grounds to counteract them.

Clitheroe are the latest in a long line, who when a gap was found in the advertising, Challinor exploited it, and launched one of his throws into the box.

It was quickly covered up.


What wasn’t genius was the result – we lost 3-0 in what was just a period of being crumbled in 10 minutes. It wasn’t fun, and I think already the season looks to be long and hard. But yeah, that was my weekend trip to Clitheroe, was a good day out. Nice ground, good clubhouse, and they called me an “I.T. Hero”.

Haha, sorry, bad joke.

What about you? How was your weekend?

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