October 30th, 2008
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How To Build a Bank


With all this financial crisis being the main news (yes, news, not Russell Brand & Johnathan Ross furore. I really don’t care about it – and neither did everybody until the Heil on Sunday waltzed it’s Nazi loving butt in, but my thoughts are ably articulated by Doctorvee & Gia’s Blog). I was thinking today.

How do you start a bank?

I mean, we’re kind of in a situation now whereby nobody trusts the banks. They’ve been pissing everybody’s money (or rather, every other bank’s money) up the wall, and swanning around in Porsches & other large cars like those rich london types they truly are.

Anyway, a lot of people are a bit wary of banks now, and they are owned by rich fat cats who make money of other people’s misery, the time could be right for a new “local” bank, who could look after – say – savings (that way you wouldn’t have to invest in Visa/Mastercard, plus they wouldn’t need ATM’s), in a fairly simple, not overly complicated way. If say you are a millionaire (say, £5-£10million), you probably could offer loans to people at a fairly standard rate, and look after people’s savings fairly straightforwardly. What else would you need?

Of course, I’m not an economist, and fully expect to be shot down. It’s something I won’t do until I’m horrendously loaded, but what’s stopping – say – Simon Cowell, opening a bank?

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