October 20th, 2008
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Firstly, let me say something from Friday’s post – I haven’t yet sat my driving test, and wont for a few weeks yet, so may people text me and rang me to ask me if I had pass or not. The test isn’t for a few weeks, but everybody thought I was sitting it over the week.

Truth be told it isn’t the first time I’ve mislead people accidentally, I am quite a reserved person, and I must be the only person that doesn’t say things and end up in trouble. As such, people I guess at times think I know more than I let on. Which is usually true.

Anyway, bit of a short entry today, had a nice weekend that went well, and a few misconceptions dealt out and sorted out. I also went to watch Colwyn Bay play Chasetown (who hold the record as being the lowest placed team to ever reach the third round of the FA Cup). Nice fans and great people, was a good game, ended 2-2, and we’re all off to Chasetown to return the favour!

Also, if you’re bored, check out this interview I did on Retro Garden from the writers of OC Remix!

How was your weekend?

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