October 9th, 2008
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On My Own


It’s wierd, I think I’ve found out a lot about me in the last two days.

Basically, my mum, dad and dog have been away on holiday this week, today is their last day away from home. And – I’ve achieved two things in my short time holding the house.

The first (bar a little mishap today with the grill) is that I can cope on my own. I often get called a mummy’s boy, and often I do believe it.  To the point I’m not sure if I can survive in the outside world. I not only can, but I can thrive, which is nice.

So why don’t I move out.

To be honest, it’s incredibly quiet here. I’m the eldest of 3 brothers, for as long as I can remember I remember being in the house with somebody. I remember being bored out of my skull when I did live on my own during the summer of 2004, and today it just seems to quiet. It’d be different if the dog was here, but from 5pm to when I go to bed everyday, it just feels so alone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – to answer everybody’s question for when I’m moving out – the answer is “when I find somebody to move in with”.

On the plus side, I can play Street Fighter 2 on the HD Telly :)

Can I get a Sho-Ryu-Ken?

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