October 24th, 2008
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We Thee Wed


Tomorrow, I’ve got my third ever wedding, with two of my schoolfriends getting married. It’s fascinating, as it’s the first two of my friends from home who have got married, and it feels wierd growing up with them and now seeing them get married tomorrow.

What’s fascinating is the reaction of my mum, she has been really nice to me lately, as opposed to just mum nice. I arrived home today and I had a new shirt for my suit, I have also found her rather helpful in wrapping presents (I’m male, I cannot wrap presents!). Part of me thinks she’s just being nice, part of me thinks she’s just wants me to give a good impression of myself.

You see, I am quite scruffy. I’m sat here in a rugby top, old jeans and no socks on as I write this, my hairs a mess, and I do all sorts of unplesantaries which women wouldn’t approve of. I think she just doesn’t want me embarassing myself with an ill fitting, ill matching, rubbish suit carrying rubbishedly wrapped presents.


Though tomorrow I can’t wait, it should be fun! See you Monday!

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