October 3rd, 2008
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Website Thoughts


Three things I want to try and get off my chest, regarding the updates of this website.

  • The first is the comments. Previously on 24, I was all for dofollow comments, and had dofollow on my blog, and it worked. I got more comments, however I’m getting sick and tired of comments from “Timmy The Dui Lawyer”, so I switched to nofollow unless you have 10 or 15 comments. And it still continued. Now, they’re being switched off. Back to nofollow.  I will let more comments into the blog, and it will be funny seeing people called “Free Myspace Templates” (Myspace still going?)
  • Secondly, I’m selling two of my other websites. The first one is shagablogger.com. The reasons behind it are simple – I don’t have time! Nobody’s posted on it much, but still gets the odd traffic. I truly believe that if somebody gave it the love it deserved, it could sell well. The auction is listed here – http://marketplace.sitepoint.com/auctions/47390 – and there’s a link at the top of the page should you need it again.
  • Finally, Nintendo has announced it’s latest line up of games. In it, the sequel to one of the best games ever released – Super Punch Out.Punch-Out!! VariousLadies and Gentlemen – Punch Out Wii :) :)

I believe that’s all Nintendo’s major franchises up and running, but if you had to re-establish a video gaming franchise, which one would it be?

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