October 27th, 2008
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Wedding & NFL


Saturday was spent at the pre mentioned wedding. I’d be honest, I wasn’t particularly keen on them, but Jon did mentioned he loved them. I mean, they’re fun, but I’m not one for dressing up, pomp & circumstance. Part of it makes me feel so uncomfortable.

Anyway, I take it all back following Saturday.

I had such a laugh! It was a good night, and my friends (the new Mr. & Mrs.) looked great and so genuinely happy. They’re such warm people and they’ll be good together. Hell, they’ve been going out since the age of 17, and it felt wierd that it has come full circle – I remember the first time they were an officially an item on a little get together in Taylors in Colwyn Heights (yeah, we were underage drinking, big whoop). But now it’s like they’re married, 7 years later, it’s crazy.

The other incredible thing was a moment when everybody linked arms during Oasis Don’t Look Back in Anger and sung along. It’s amazing that even though we’ve all gone our separate ways, it’s lovely we all come back for big occassions like this. Of course, questions were asked at the wedding, and to borrow a phrase from one of the modern philosophers of the wrestling ring that is Bill Goldberg – “Who’s Next?”

Sunday was spent tired, but not hungover. I did eventually drag myself out of bed to watch a spectacle that is the NFL in London. Ever since my trip to New York to see the Mets play, I’ve become a lot more open to American sports, and hearing the “Star Spangled Banner” being sung – took me back to Shea Stadium, and the goosebumps I felt did begin to resurface.

The game (San Diego Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints) had everything that NFL has to offer (though my brother did point out that the teams are known for their offense rather than their defense), it was high scoring, there were turnovers & it went really to the wire.  Plus the fact that I ate my Sunday dinner on a TV tray meant that this was probably the closet I’d ever get to the US tradition of thanksgiving.

I haven’t got an NFL team yet. Which do you recommend and why?

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