November 3rd, 2008
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1000th Blog Post: Halloween & New Phone


Happy Monday everybody! I had an awesome weekend, with it being my dad’s birthday & parents anniversary on Saturday. We went for a meal at an Italian in Rhos on Sea, it was very nice, though slightly indigestion at the moment!

Friday however was the big day, Halloween. I asked in the last post what would I dress up as. Anyway, only one person – William Gardner responded. And guess what?

He was right.

I was unsure if I could pull it off, but after applying the makeup, I was happy. I loved it! It was great, and got incredible responses from my friends, on my facebook, and especially on plurk, where a certain Darth Claire expressed her desire to do things with me. I feel I must point out that the illusion is completely lost the second I take my jacket off.

Anyway, was fun. I’ve still got the jacket too, so I may keep it for another time, or I may ebay it. We will see.

The other two things on saturday was me being over an hour late for HB – who we went to watch our new love that is Colwyn Bay FC (he’s a huge Davey Challinor fan, bless him) – the reason being I was getting a new phone! The previous one was knackered so I splurged myself on a contract and a Samsung F480. It’s a sexy beast, with a touch screen. Although I got pretty creative writing texts without a’s, b’s & c’s, it’s nice being able to write them properly again!

How was your weekend?

Edit: Just realised that this post is my thousand blog post. Give me some love!

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