November 21st, 2008
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All I Want for Christmas…


As the Christmas decs have gone up in the Bay View Shopping Centre (which means some D-List celebrity will switch on the lights, who do you reckon it’ll be?), I feel at least a bit justified to talk a bit about Christmas – primarily because certain people don’t know what to get me.

But first, the Xbox, and it’s use (along with Red Bull) in parenting little shits. I’m sure people just plonk their little darlings in front of Halo 3, and leave them to rip the piss out of whoever they see online. In this case, me. Of course, being a “man from the internet”, they are not harming me by offending me. I never did appreciate the lack of Wii conversation until now.

That being said, when I do switch it off, or I’m speaking to a mate, I love it.

So yes, Christmas, and what people want to get me? This isn’t an arrogent post by the way, people have said “Rhys, drop hints on your blog!”, so here goes.

  • Beer
  • 360 Games
  • This

Other than that, spread about a little peace and goodwill. What are you hoping Santa leaves from his bulging sack on your mantlepiece?

Finally, do you reckon I should do my Christmas Card Exchange on my blog that I usually do?

Weekend away in Liverpool with Ian this weekend, and maybe some exciting news for me regarding my hobby (which I’ve been neglecting the past few weeks), wish me luck!

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