November 4th, 2008
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‘cos Your a Friend


Just a quick one today, on the first day where both this blog has existed and George W. Bush isn’t the President of the United States*, about what I’m doing tonight.

Yes, it’s Bonfire night, but that’s not important. Tonight I’m going to watch Feeder in Venue Cymru.

Feeder are probably my favourite band ever. I love all of their songs, and – despite not actually knowing any of their most recent songs, I do still love them, and consider myself one of their “old school fans”.

I do think it’s getting cooler to live in North Wales, now we’re getting big bands (we’ve had Feeder, Stereophonics, Doves & Manic Street Preachers playing in Llandudno recently), and – it’s getting more and more bearable to live here by the day. I’ve seen them before, all I know is that I cannot wait.

Now, a video.

YouTube Preview Image

Pics on Friday!

* Yes I know the new guy hasn’t been sworn in yet. So that’s not technically true.

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