November 17th, 2008
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So, as a way to console myself after a driving test (get it? Console myself?!?), i decided to splurge my BANS affiliate money on a brand spanking new Xbox 360. I was preparing for a weekend of gaming & other such delights.

Not so.

You see, despite the fact the console worked, and I could play Lego Indiana Jones (Awesome), Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 (good, very much like every other smackdown though), Kung Fu Panda (really don’t want to play) and Viva Pinata (probably will be on ebay by the time you read this, still in box though, any good?), I couldn’t actually save my games – the hard disk was corrupted worse than Harvey Dent – so I had to take it back.

So a quick trip to Argos I grabbed a new one, and it all works awesomely once again. Hurrah!

Also, I’ve managed to get the bad boy online. My gamertag is rhysieboy84. What’s yours?

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