November 7th, 2008
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Feeling a Moment


Last night – I’ll be honest – should’ve been death. I really shouldn’t have gone to work, I should have stayed in bed all day. The reason? I was ill. Not just any ill, but manflu ill. I’m a lucky guy, I rarely get ill, but when I do, it knocks me for six. Wednesday was just that day.

Unfortunately, my favouritest band in the world ever – Feeder – were playing in the Venue Cymru. So I sucked it up, went to work (I believe that if you’re doing something fun in the evening, you HAVE to go to work. No excuses).

Anyway, I arrived as late as i couldĀ  with my mum (who was scared at the age of the crowd, but luckily there was a good mix of ages from very young to very old), to give myself as much time as possible, plus I missed the support act who I wasn’t really too bothered in seeing – Fightstar (featuring Charlie from Busted).

They actually were pretty good what I saw of them, but next was Feeder. Who entered the stage the coolest way. Nobody saw them, until they started playing their guitars, when the stage was bathed in white light.

I had seen Feeder before (5 years ago, ouch), and when I had, I was really into Feeder, plus they only had 3 albums. Now they had 6, and – unsurprisingly – I haven’t got two of said albums. As such, I was a little clueless with some of the songs. Luckily, they utilised some rather awesome visual effects in the back, so I was happy staring at them.

After about an hour, they left the stage, obviously to build up an encore. It was expected, as they had displayed a rather impressive Welsh flag on the background.

They came back and played two more songs, one was Seven Days In The Sun, and then finally Just A Day, and everybody left home happy.

Was an awesome gig. I had completely sweated out my cold. Hurrah! So if the rest of the Feeder tour is cancelled because Grant Nicholas has manflu. I apologise profusely.

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