This weekend, I went to Liverpool – my old stomping grounds for a night out. It’s changed a stupid amount since the last time I was there, which was just a flying visit in March. Saturday I woke up at the ungodly hour at 9am to go and have a look around Liverpool.

So much as changed. Sure, Concert Square and Matthew Street is still the same, as is the centre, but the new thing is the Liverpool One Shopping Centre, when I was in university (which was little over 3 years ago) it was a bus station! I did come out of it and I had no clue where I was!

Not all is good though, the credit crunch has hit. One such place was Bar Cava, the Tequila bar. It was very, very quiet, and they had an own brand, rather than Jose Cuervo, tequila. Shame, as I loved that place when it was packed.

Also, it was noticably quiet around, though Popworld was still rocking. And I have decided, I do want Katy Perry to be the mother of my children, as this was the song of the night.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, two days later? I feel very meh. Stress with a number of things I really shouldn’t be stressed with. At least Street Fighter 2 HD Remix is out tomorrow! Hurrah! Check out my interview with the SSFIITHDR musicians on Retro Garden here. Anybody getting it?

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