December 28th, 2008
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…and Then A Hero Comes Along…..


Based on a true story:-

Twas the night before Christmas
And everybody sing
As we were all pissed
In the Pen Y Bryn

After last orders was rang
And it was time to go
We left our friends
Saying Merry Crimbo

It was getting late
It was after 1am
So I left with two of my friends
And walked home with them

And then, outside my house
I could hear screams
And fists were flying
Awaking residents from their dreams

Two people having a scrap
Was a big one too
As sirens soon started flying
It was the boys in blue

Emerging from the rumpus
Was my brother Aled
He wasn’t involved, he just jumped in
To stop one of the combattants from being dead*

Either way, the cops were here
To sort the mess out
They checked over the guy getting beaten up
The apprehended the lout

And Aled? Well, he had to wait
And give a statement to the police
The statement meant a guy had to wait up in the house
That guy – his name was Rhys

I fell asleep on the sofa
Exchausted from the booze
And was woken up by my brother knocking
It was twenty past two

So that was the story of my Christmas Morning
Santa didn’t see my plight
So I said good bye to Aled
And to him a bloody good night

What happened, in non poetry form – Basically, on Christmas Eve, as I left the pub at 1am, there was a domestic outside our house. My brother (Aled) got involved and split them up. One spent the night in the drunk tank, and I had to wait up and let Al in, which was an hour after the incident. Either way, Christmas morning I was exhausted, still had a great Christmas. More on that later though!

How was your Christmas Eve?

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