December 10th, 2008
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Why Have You Been Neglecting Your Blog?


Turns out there’s more of you out there than I realised. I’ll be honest, I was getting a bit disheartened with blogging here. Something with the only comments being spammy posts and Tom “Do Video Posts” Hawkey (reason why I’m not doing them – my camera broke). It was kinda taking it’s toll. Not really been upto much recently, but here’s what I have been doing:-

  • Work – Work’s going fine, taught my boss how to use Twitter (which has probably added a bunch of you to my account, largely because he used my account as a base), and we’re surprisingly busy.
  • Retro Garden - THIS is probably where most of my focus has gone. In the last month, it has taken off, with effectively two new writers who I have come to an agreement with, and insane amount of traffic. Largely from a link from OCRemix, which has kinda cemented me as being awesome SEO wise, which – even though the traffic from there has gone, the search engine rankings haven’t. So, I’ve gained a new lease of life, and more likely, now, to update there than here.
  • Xbox - The other huge distraction of my time is my Xbox. I’ve been mostly playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (read my review of it here) and Viva Pinata. On the advice of my namesake, I didn’t bung it on ebay. Instead I opened it, and once I got past the cutesy charm, I found a fantastically addictive game.
  • Plurk – I spend more time on Plurk now, it’s rather addictive, and it’s blogging for my ADD. Check it out here.
  • Twitter - In association with Retro Garden, I have really been pushing it’s Twitter account, so you can join it here and hear about my gaming musings.
  • Colwyn Bay FC - Still average, off to the Christmas Party this weekend as well, one of two. In two days (one’s technically a birthday party though).
  • Driving - Yeah, going fine, becoming good, going to wait until the new year until I book my next test.
  • Christmas Shopping - Pretty much done, though worried about one person’s presant. Will ring them up tomorrow about it.

So that’s about it. There’s nothing really too interesting happening at the moment, but am keeping busy. Will find something fun to talk about/do so I can be more interesting!

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