In the last few years, we’ve seen the following game shows return – Bullseye, Family Fortunes, Going for Gold & Gladiators¬† being four of them, but they’re often always quite naff, and a departure from the original (for example, Going for Gold now doesn’t feature people from througout Europe). Furthermore, they are rather dumbed down as well.

So it was with great trepidation and worry that I heard Krypton Factor was coming back.

Krypton Factor was shown in the late 1980′s and was TV’s toughest quiz. That wasn’t just a nickname, it was rock! Some impossible mental agility puzzles that even my IQ of 139 couldn’t even fathom, some odd puzzles, landing a plane (which became a real plane in the final) and a incredible gruelling obsticle course just outside Bury meant it was tough.

They announced that the original presenter – The Burns – wasn’t going to be back, and replaced with some guy called Ben Shephard, one of those guys on TV that you’re not quite sure if they came from reality TV or not. I wasn’t filled with much hope.

My, how wrong I was.

The first episode was last week, which I missed, and it was brilliant! The first round (was mental agility) involved a series of flipping cubes with numbers & letters that can only be described as impossible (people scored 1), a very clever jigsaw puzzle and an Observation round followed, and there was a new obsticle course (which isn’t quite as good as the original). All look really tough, which is surprising for ITV, in fact the only part of dumbing down I can see was in the last round whereby wrong answers lost you one point, rather than two.

All in all, it is probably the best “Revival” gameshow out there. And it’s on Tuesday nights at 10:15, in the UK. Watch it!

Finally, with the return of Krypton Factor, only 3 of my favourite game shows are left to come back – Knightmare, Gamesmaster & The Crystal Maze. What do you want to see return?

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