January 30th, 2009
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End Of January Weigh In


Well, at the beginning of this month, I weighed myself. I was 17st 6lbs (244lbs / 111kg). I didn’t like it. I wanted to change it. So I ate less, (eventually) joined the gym, walked a bit more and a bit faster, and despite a rather messy night out in Manchester, and a week where myself and my family were under so much stress it was hard not to turn to the bottle. And here we are a month on.

Weight 1st Jan 2009: 17st 6lbs
Weight 27th Jan 2009: 16st 8lbs (232lbs / 105kg)

In short, a whopping Krypton Factor of 12lbs lost! Hooray! And – considering the month I’ve had, a fucking achievement!

Probably the most scary thing about the whole experience is the change in me. I remember when I was 15 stone something, and I had zero confidence, and I felt fat. I remember when I was tipping the scales at 16 stone, and I felt like I had zero confidence. Now, even though I’m 8lbs heaver than at my previous heaviest, I feel a lot more confident. Maybe because my arms are a little bigger, maybe because a few people have said (including some ladies ;)) that I’m a little more toned. Maybe, just maybe, I actually feel….dare I say it….sexy?

2009 is going to be a big year for me this year. I can just feel it. A few people have kinda said a few things to motivate me and I don’t want it to feel like life is passing me by.

To those who have said those things – thank you. And I’ll be sure to do you proud!

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