January 12th, 2009
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Going Around In Circles


Last Saturday, I got up at the ungodly hour of 11am to catch a train to Manchester. This weekend kinda snuck up on me, booked long before Christmas, so I didn’t really think about it.

Nevertheless, 3 weeks after Christmas, I needed something to make me a little happier, so I jumped on the train to Warrington, to meet a friend of mine to then go to the Trafford Centre. To do a bit of shopping, play in the arcades, and take photos of crappy advertising screens crashing.


Shopping included two books (the book from QI & a rather lovely Mass Effect artwork book, proper coffee table material that!), I almost also bought a megadrive. However, I did buy Mirror’s Edge. On the advice given by everybody that it’s great.

You guy’s lied. It’s incredibly frustrating, I have played it for just under 2 hours and have died must be about 63 million times. It’s a nice idea, but the fact I’m screaming at the tv, wondering what to do at times, means I’m not a huge fan. It’s innovative, but I’m not a huge fan!

Following my first coffee in 3 years there, we headed off to the main event, cycling in the velodrome. There’s a huge massive love-in with cycling at the moment, as it’s the only sport that we dicked on absolutely everybody at the Olympics. This event was a sellout, largely due to a few things. One of them was Victoria Pendleton. First things first, she is an awesome cyclist. It was absolutely incredible how fast she was, easily the best cyclist out there. However, I’ve now gone off her.


Sure, she was good looking, but not quite the stunning picture of lushessness I expected her to be. Bloody airbrushes! And seeing her in the flesh made me realise how inadequate my life it. Sure I’ve got umpteenth phrases to the top of search engines in my time, but that never gave me a gold medal. Furthermore, to sound like an old romantic,  I do enjoy bike rides in the country. However I have a scary feeling that going on a leisurely bike ride with her would see me languishing about 5 miles behind her whilst she sets a personal best.

She still has a gold medal though. And a rather nice bottom.

Vicky P aside, would I go again to watch cycling though? I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with mates, but I wondered how many races there were, and there are only so many times you can see people go around a track and remain interested, if you don’t know everybody.

I also think the way in which they did it (particularly the commentators) and lauded the success onto the cyclists that have won medals, it just seems like we’re setting ourselves up for a typical English (yes, I know the team is British, but still it’s more associated with the English teams!) “We’ve got success, so we’re not going to try, and embarrass ourselves next time around!”. It always happens, and after saturday, I feel that cycling may just be the next one at 2012. However, I will not be around to witness it at  be watching another

Nevertheless, it was great seeing my mates again, and look forward to seeing them soon!

After it, I fully intended to go out. However, post Credit Crunch Apocolyptic Manchester itself shuts down quite early, and. Fucks sake Manchester, even the one in Colwyn Bay is open until 12! Dejected, I headed back to the hostel with a few beers picked up from Tesco Express, and watched James Bond – which just so happened to be on in the hostel. Life was good once again!

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