January 1st, 2009
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My New Years Resolution 2009


Happy new year everybody! Hope you had a good one. And so, it’s 2009. Like every year, I’m making a resolution to hopefully stick to. I’m usually generally quite good at sticking to resolutions. Usually because they are simple and ambiguous (travel for a bit, learn to drive etc.), but secondly I don’t tell anybody them.

Not this year.

I believe if I’m to succeed in my goal for 2009, I need to share it with soembody. And as such, my goal for 2009 is simple.

I’m going to lose some weight.

I weighed myself this morning, and I didn’t like what was staring back in my face. I’m 17 stone 6 lbs (244 lbs/ 111 kg). In short, a fat bastard. I’ve been noticing it more and more. My legs hurt after I play football, I get tired pretty quickly when exercising, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling a lot more run down than usual.

Secondly, my confidence – particularly surrounding the fairer sex – is shot. I’m just embarassed by the way I look. My dates (yes, I have actually been on a few since I split up with Han) have dried up within the last few months.

So yes, not exactly the happy go lucky post you want for the beginning of 2009. But no, I usually do plan goals & deadlines for things, so that I can do my best to achieve them. This is what I’ve done so far.

  • Ordered my mum to give me less food – this is a big one, as I usually have massive suppers.
  • Do More Exercise - This is key, as within the last month and a half I’ve probably put on the most of my weight, and the amount of exercise I do has dropped. I suspect it is because I make excuses easily (Call of Duty 4 being the big one), but now I have two excuses to exercise.

    The first is I’ve joined a gym for the whole year. I figure that because I’ve paid a stupid amount of money, I really should get my arse down there and do something.

    The second is a weekend in may (not sure) I’m one member of a team to run the Edinburgh marathon (so I’m doing a 6 mile run). I plan on doing it for some charity as well, but more on that nearer the time!

So even though i’ve just read that resolutions are bad for you, I’m going to try to stick to mine. What’s your resolutions?

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