A little bit of a rant here, and it’s about certain SEO’ers.

There’s a phrase usually attributed to football referees which I think applies to certain (dare I say) outsourced SEO companies – you know the rules, but you don’t know the game.

Let me explain. This all began as a discussion on Site Point. The discussion (which I won’t link to at the moment, as I didn’t post under my own name, but my work account, hence keeping privacy) was surrounding WordPress permalinks. The guy in question asked what would be the best permalink structure for his blog, which was a celebrity news blog.

Anyway, everybody was saying “Yeah, post it with a category-name/post-name/ structure”, this means that if I wrote a post on this blog that was called football heroes, and was in the football category, to directly go to it you’d type into your browser http://www.gospelrhys.co.uk/football/football-heroes.

The reason why that’s good for SEO is that when you search for a similar post in Google, it will pick up on words in the URL, as well as in the title, article and description. An example quickly is for Creatures 2 Review on Retro Garden, when searched for “Creatures 2 Commodore Review Retro Garden”


Notice in the search result the words in the search are bolded in the URL, description and title? Well, that’s why you want as many keywords in your URL, and date based URL’s are crap?

Well, no.

Whilst I believe in SEO, and it does a lot of good for this world (after all, it pays my wages). I don’t believe in SEO for the sake of SEO. For Retro Garden, it’s fine that the URL’s have no date. I mean, Creatures 2 has been out for over 10 years, it’s not going to change tomorrow. Information on say a celebrity blog, just might.

Look at this blog for example. This blog has a date, rather than a category based URL, Here’s a search for “Thorpe Park Gospel Rhys” and look at the URL.


The URL contains the date. Why? Because it’s over 2 years old. It shouldn’t be considered as fact now.

Now, for this blog, the fact that old posts are old isn’t that important. However, for times sensitive information (such as news and gossip), it can mislead your readers.

And this is one thing you shouldn’t do.

Okay, it’s not a huge thing, but if people can get some clue that what they’re about to read may just be out of date, that’s helping your readers. Far to many SEOers look to fool the search engines and the readers to make a quick buck, which may work for a while. However, if you are to be successful in the SEO industry, play along with Google, and don’t screw over your readers or customers. Sure it takes a little longer, but – trust me – we’ll love you for it. :)

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