Yes. Sorry, I said the R word. But hear me out. If you’re sick about hearing it, let me put a brave face on it. Using Maths.

According to the statistics, on Tuesday alone, 6.25 million people didn’t bother going to work (or, more to the point, couldn’t due to the snow). This was about 20% of the UK workforce at the moment. This means that the total UK workforce stands at 31.25 million. This is about half the country, which makes sense. The rest of the country is made up of kids, pensioners, students, and unemployed people.

At the moment, taking the unemployed. The unemployed figure in the UK stands at the moment at 1.92 million. Of that figure. Within the peak of the recession, it’s expected to hit 2.5-3 million.

That is less than half the amount of people who took a day off on Tuesday due to snow. And only another 3% of the British workforce will lose their jobs this recession, if we are to believe the most pessimistic of estimates: 3 million.

Sure, it sucks losing a job. It sucks being dumped, it sucks when people die. It’s how you fight back from it that matters. There are so many new companies and successful ventures launched in a recession, because people do want to do anything, and it’s a great way to reevaluate what’s important in life.

Sure somebody will probably prove me wrong though!

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