February 19th, 2009
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Wish Me Luck Part 2


Today is my second driving test.

I know, I know, good luck and everything. I’m not sure what sort of nerves I have. I am a lot calmer than my previous one, though I do feel like I’m going to burst into tears at any time (I get that whenever I see a cute girl though, or when Colwyn Bay win). Nevertheless, I’m wanting to pass, more for a relief rather than a necessity (so many nice things can be possible upon passing). So, whilst I kept the last one to myself, this one I’m telling the world.

I’m doing it in a different place to the last one, in Rhyl, so it’s more like a game of GTA than a driving test, and the H-Bridge is terrible feat of engineering. Nevertheless, I think I’m good enough (I’m better than this). Whilst the first one I needed some good luck to pass, this one I feel I need some bad luck to fail.

Wish me luck.

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