February 19th, 2009
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You Shalt Not Pass


Failed again. 5 majors, 14 minors.

It sounds bad, but hear me out.

4 of the majors were on a road in Rhyl with 4 mini roundabouts. I indicated to come off each of the 4 mini roundabouts. I get marked down for them. Now, I’m not saying I should have passed, but people I seem to speak to have different ideas on what do do. Should you indicate or should you not? Also, I was under the impression that if you get one major, you can’t major again in the same problem!

The second major (by my watch) again wasn’t my fault. I went straight over a duel carriageway roundabout (by straight over I mean round it safely, just not straight over it). However, I ended up in the right lane.¬† I kept to the speed limit, when I got a guy flashing and honking behind me. I failed then for holding up traffic. How can I hold up traffic if a guy is speeding?

All in all, a bit miffed. What makes it even worse is that the driving instructor asked me to pull off when he didn’t have his seat belt on. He also recommended that I change my mirrors whilst sitting in traffic lights, something that¬† I was told was wrong! In the end, I felt I wasn’t necessarily a fair test, and he had it in for me.

Oh well, onwards and upwards. Test #3 is on the 10th March, at a 11:41, a better time than mine today.

In other news, look what plonked through the post this morning:-


I guess you can say you win on the swings, what you lose on the roundabouts.

Have a good weekend guys and gals!

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