March 3rd, 2009
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End of February Weigh In


Weight 1st Jan 2009: 17st 6lbs
Weight 27th Jan 2009: 16st 8lbs (232lbs / 105kg)
Weight 1st Mar 2009: 17st (238lbs / 108kg)

Total Loss: Down 6lbs
This Months Loss: Up 6lbs

Unsurprisingly really, as I’ve hit my first major stumbling block on my weight loss. You see, when I set out to lose weight, the amount I eat increases dramatically. Usually because after the gym I’m usually hungry. And I may not have eaten the best things.

However, I’m not particularly down, as March is going to be a very quiet month. In February, of the 4 Saturday nights, 3 of them were spent away from home, with the fourth….errrr….also spent away from home (I wasn’t planning on, honest!). Either way, all of them were drunken, and may have involved kebabs, pies and KFC’s.

Nevertheless, onwards and upwards. I’m still incredibly positive – even though I’ve been knocked back a couple of times in the female department, oh well, they’re unimaginable loss I guess. Life’s pretty good at the moment, as – another thing – I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

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