Unless you are underneath a web 2.0 rock recently, you are probably aware that Facebook has redesigned it’s site very recently. You’re probably also aware that Facebook has been innundated with groups formed by groups of people who hate it.

It’s not so much the design is inherently bad though, I understand the design,  it makes sense – learning from things like Twitter to focus on status updates. It also learns from Google, where ads are unobtrusive.

However, it didn’t do the one thing that Twitter & Google does on updates – phase them in.

Look at the following. This is a comparison of Youtube from 2006 and Youtube today (click for full size).


Okay, they look similar, but then so does the new facebook. I bet you couldn’t pinpoint the days that certain changes in design occurred. It evolved from what it was in 2006 to what it is now, and it will continue to do so.

Facebook launched a complete redesign, rather than tweaking it, and it got backlash so bad they have to now reconsider it.

I admit, most designers don’t have that luxury, we do redesigns all the time, and it is usually something completely different. However Facebook does have that luxury. For them to launch a complete and radical redesign (particularly to a largely technologically incompetetant crowd such as Facebook) is rather foolish.

What are your thoughts on the new facebook design?

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