March 6th, 2009
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The Death or Evolution of Blogging?


Ben asked me a couple of days about the possible death of blogging, or a slump. I can’t quite remember the exact quote, but it was something like this:-

“Do you think with the recent economic downturn and less money in advertising, less people are blogging?”

I answered that I wouldn’t quite say it’s a slump, more of an evolution of blogging.

You see, I’ve noticed blogs updated less, but things such as Twitter feeds updated more. It’s obvious really – 140 characters several times a day is a lot easier than 2 400/500 word articles. For both writing and reading.

I’ve decided to look at my last post – about my Birthday – something that was announced on Facebook, Twitter & This Blog, and what sort of response it got:

Amount of comments on Facebook wishing my a happy birthday – 38
Amount of comments on the blog post wishing me a happy birthday – 2
Amount of comments on Twitter – 4

What can we obtain from this? Well a couple of things we need to clarify before concluding.

Obviously Facebook friends knew and cared more about my birthday than everybody else. This is really not surprising, as a lot of my readers are on facebook, and it was kinda slammed down their throats. Furthermore, a lot of people who commented on facebook don’t know about this blog. (Though one, Sibz, commented here instead of on Facebook).

I didn’t promote my blog post on Twitter (something I usually do). This probably skewed the result a little bit in Twitter’s favour. Often I link to my most recent blog post on my Twitter feed. I didn’t for this one. I have no idea why.

As a result, I’m not sure what I conclude, because it wasn’t the most exact of polls, but we can probably safely say this.

Bloggers Today Are Doing It Because They Want To - Of the 4 people who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, 3 were bloggers of some description, and they have been blogging for over a year or so. Therefore I think what Ben said is true, there’s less money in it now than say a year ago. Let me rephrase that. There’s less easy money in blogging than there was a year ago. Which has seen a wonderful thing.

Less “Make Money Online” Blogs - Horray! Praise the lord! Poor, badly written, and not profitable blogs (with one exception) are dead in the water. Fact is, the Make Money Online niche was terrible, and it’s pretty much dead. Yeah, I still make money from this blog, and I still make money from other websites, but they are niched and targetted (an example being Retro Garden). I said to Ben, I make more from Retro Garden in 1 month than I bet about 10 dead Make Money Online bloggers made in a life time.

Niched is the way forward. Find an interest, and talk about it.

Blogging isn’t Just about having a WordPress/Blogger Blog – I don’t believe blogging is about just having a blog. I think it is about having at least a twitter account, a link to your facebook, or even something on youtube. All these things you have to have if you truly want to make a success of blogging.

What do you think? Is blogging dying or just evolving?

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