Was a fun weekend spent in “Leedsleedsleeds” with younger brother Wynne. It was a little odd at times. I arrived on the Friday and was told “I’ll be in this pub, meet me there”. Not great considering I never been to Leeds before, but nevertheless my fantastic male intuition and sense of direction managed to get there pretty easy. What followed realistically could only be described as messy, as we watched Wales limp to defeat against France, and had a fair bit to drink in a number of bars (including one that was rather fun – it had all sorts of beers. Including a conversation “We have beer from most countries in the world!”, “Do you have Latvian?”, “No”), and ended up back in brother Wynne’s flat at half 1. More than a little drunk. All in all, a very Rich night.

The next day I woke with a hangover the size of a football pitch, and after a few slices of toast, began to make my way to Halifax to meet the Colwyn Bay fans, who were travelling to The Shay to play FC Halifax Town in the Unibond League Division 1 clash. Colwyn Bay produced a textbook away performance, scoring on the brink of halftime, and then defending resolutely until the last 10 minutes, when they equalised. Despite them having the better of the last 10 minutes, the game ended up 1-1, with a tense finale that took years off my life.

After that, I met with Zandr, one of my university mates, the first time I’ve seen him for 2 years and we went for a Bradford Curry. It was very nice (I loved the Naan breads), but why does everything need to have corriander in it?  It’s the herb of Satan!

Either way, we went for a couple of pints in Lloyds, and then headed home. All in all, a very Rhys night.

What am I trying to say is that despite the fact that I completed a double header (an achievement in itself for me at the best of times). I had two very different nights out, one I would assume I’d live if I was a high flying worker for a bank, one I’m more used to. And do you know what? I enjoyed them both equally. Plus I also fell in love with a man called Frank Turner as well. All in all, a great weekend.

How was yours?

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