April 14th, 2009
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Help Me Run!


Not only have I had a holiday to prepare for, I’ve had a few other bits and pieces to get ready for. The first is on the 31st May, where I’ll be part of a team of 4 to run the Edinburgh Marathon.

Yes, it’s not the whole run, but it’s at least 5 miles. And for a good cause as well (hence this post).

I’m raising money for C.R.Y.

C.R.Y. – or Cardiac Risk in the Young – is a charity I got to know after my little trip to the hospital. I was lucky, I was simply overdoing it. Not everybody is so lucky, with 1 person under the age of 35 dying each week with a heart problems. Problems that can easily be fixed with lifestyle changes.

I’m raising money for C.R.Y., and would love to raise as much money as possible. You can donate at the link below.


Anybody who donates, I’ll be eternally greatful. Furthermore, if you are in Edinburgh for my run, or I know you, I’ll buy a pint.

I’ll live to regret saying this, but meh. Thanks guys!

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