April 22nd, 2009
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Right, I’m Off


Right, this blog is officially on hiatus for at least 3 weeks. Sorry, but I’m going to enjoy this break, and I haven’t really got any posts lined up for whilst I’m away. Thailand for 3 days, followed by 10 days in Japan.  I’m excited, yet a little nervous, as everybody thinks I’ve underprepared. Oh well, their perogative.

So, what should you do whilst I’m away? Well there’s a few things I recommend:-

  • Guest Post! Yes, I will still have the ability to post on this computer whilst elsewhere, so if you want to guestpost, email it to rhys@gospelrhys.co.uk, and I’ll stick it live.
  • Comment This Post! Meet your fellow commenters, they’re lovely. Why not answer this question: Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
  • Follow me on Twitter – I’ll be more active on Twitter, follow me here.
  • Donate! Yes, I’ll be Edinburgh Marathoning when I’m back. Donate to the fund here.
  • Read Retro Garden - My retro gaming blog will recieve updates.

So yes, whilst I’ll be away, I won’t be away away. Keep in touch, and I’ll see you in 3 weeks!

Your pal.


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