Good news everybody! I’ve passed!

No, not my driving test, but another set of exams I have been sitting recently.

I’ve had stick for the name of this blog now, largely from religious organizations, saying that I was being blasphemous with my name. However one such organization – the Church of Fola Poril (based in Argentina) emailed me asking if I want to be ordained as a minister for their church.

I was bored, so I accepted, and this morning I received a letter saying that I had passed.

It hasn’t been easy, as for the last few months I had to prove myself. However I’ve had to abide by rules. These have been.

  • No alcohol.
  • No promiscuous sex (non-promiscuous sex allowed).
  • Sending my bank account details to aid the transfer of $15,960,000 (Fifteen Million Nine Hundred and Sixty
  • Thousand United States Dollars) out of the country.
  • Denouncing all major religions, and a few rubbish ones such as Scientology.
  • Not allowed to watch Premier League games, unless they feature West Ham or Middlesborough.
  • No video posts.
  • Wardrobe must consist of complimentary colours.
  • No facebook poking.
  • Default search engine must now be Ask.
  • No wearing of watches.
  • Sundays must consist of fasting, which the exception of Bovril, which is allowed.

It’s not all bad though, some things are really cool. I’m not trained to a black belt in Ninjitsu, and we pray every Sunday morning at 5am, whilst standing on our heads. It’s ace.

Plus this blog’s name is the higher fluff (there’s no god with the Church of Fola Poril, rather a large ball of fluff we pray to).

So now you can call me Reverend Rhys.

More on this tomorrow!

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