Occasionally, I have mentioned on this blog a “hobby” I have. I haven’t actually said exactly what it is. With good reason, as it’s the only thing I’ve had to approach about people. Most people have been awesome with it, some people have mocked me, but meh, I’m confident with saying it.

My new hobby is professional wrestling.

Or rather, a referee of professional wrestling.


Like most things, I got into it drunk. Firing off emails to various people, inquiring to help out. In the end I ended up getting an email back from a training school. But they sucked, so after 4 months I moved onto another bunch of people, who have become great friends. We go around the country (well mainly the North West & Wales, I’ve only actually done two shows!), putting on a show to a bunch of people, but the training and the banter is always great, and already even as the greenest of green newbies, I’ve got stories to tell (including the time that the ring collapsed in Sivlerdale).

I also do a lot of the work on the website (Britannia Wrestling) and getting the forum up and running. So go and visit there! They have a show next weekend in Rhuddlan, North Wales which I won’t be there (due to me running part of the Edinburgh Marathon), but you’ll get a good show if you do decide to show up (Show details here)!

Anyway, why am I mentioning it now? Well, it seemed like a good time as any, plus this weekend I am off to a gathering in a garden, to prepare for the next show.

I love it. It’s fun, keeps me trim(ish), I get paid for it & I get to be creative. But most of all it’s different. I did mention it to a few people on my jollies, and – whilst I got the usual questions (questions I’m half expecting in this thread) – everybody usually seems to agree, as far as hobbies go. It’s quite fun.

Either way, I’ll probably be pimping my shows on here, plus it gives me something to blog about (after shows etc.). I’d be offended if you don’t come to shows!

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