So another weekend rolls around, and lo and behold, people want me. Yes! People want me! I have been triple booked, of which I can only do one of these things (which is the first one). Needless to say, I wan’t to be at all, so why not you crazy North Walian types pop along to the other two, eh?

1. My Thing – Edinburgh Marathon
Yes, on Sunday I will be running the Edinburgh Marathon. Or at least part of it. I am £10 short of my target (curse the recession!) of raising £100 for CRY, so any extra help would be appreciated thank you!

Remember to gift aid it! Do you want your MP to have an ivory back scratcher? Or instead stop a youngster from dying?

I’ll be honest, I’m shitting myself. I have been training, but it hasn’t exactly been intense, furthermore, I have subscribed to the Late Jade Goody’s training regimen of having a few beers every few nights. I mean, it’s the same distance from Colwyn Bay Pier to Llandudno Pier. In famous last words stylee, how hard can it be?

I’m also a bit scared as I’ve yet to receive my fundraising pack, with my number and everything. If you’re in Edinburgh, enjoy getting up at shitty o’clock in the morning, and see a very red faced man with a CRY t-shirt & no number, rest assured it’s me!

2. Saturday Night – BWP Unholy Reunion in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire
The wrestling promotion I work for, Britannia Wrestling Promotions, is holding a show in the Ebenezer Chapel, Rhuddlan, on Saturday night. If you want a cheap night out (tickets are £8, which is less than 3 pints!), check it out. Okay, I won’t be there, but that can only make the show better! I am gutted I’m not making it. Oh and join the forum. It’s ace.

3. Saturday Day – Staff vs. Fans – Llanelian Road, Colwyn Bay
For those who prefer football, why not check out a game I was supposed to be playing! Entrance is free, and it all kicks off at Llanelian Road, Colwyn Bay at half 12. Plus there’s a small matter of the FA Cup on the big screen immediately after.

So they were my 3 plans for this weekend, I can only do one of them. What are you doing this weekend?


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