Empty Walkers crisp trial dumpbinIn a few weeks, next Thursday in fact, the UK will vote in the European Elections. I always vote, and you should too. I was struggling for a way to explain why, so let me explain using crisps.

At the beginning of the year, Walkers Crisps announced a competition to get a new flavour. I personally tasted all six flavours. My personal favourite – the Onion Bhaji – was an out and out favourite. My least favourite – Builders Breakfast – was an outsider according to the bookies. Hurrah! So who did I vote for?

Fuck all.

I didn’t campaign on my blog, only a few twitter tweets, and didn’t actually vote. So what happened?

Builders Breakfast wins.

And do you know what? I’ve got sod all excuse to complain. I didn’t vote, I didn’t have a say, I just expected it to win. It’s the same with these elections, which actually seem to have some sort of undertone to it.

Consider the Builders Breakfast being similar to the BNP. Yes they’re disgusting, tasteless, and difficult to stomach. They are predominently British-centric but it doesn’t mean it works. Nobody I spoke to liked them, but people did, and as there was apathy amongst the people who quite frankly knew better, the Builders Breakfast won.

The same could happen next weekend (in principle). Don’t let that happen, please.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Frankie Roberto


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