June 29th, 2009
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1 Cristiano Ronaldo, or PR6 links?


Cristiano RonaldoSo the big football, non Jacko story at the moment is a certain Cristiano Ronaldo breaking the transfer record. Everybody’s favourite Portugese Prat moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a grand total of £80 million. Basically, a lot of people have been up in arms with that, as you can throw £20 million on top of that and buy Newcastle United, or a struggling entity such as Sentanta with that money.

However, one of my twitter followees lyndoman (Lyndon Antcliff) asked a question I wanted to answer: “How many paid links can you buy with £80 million?”

For the unaware, if you value your search engine positioning, paid links are bad. Basically they are people paying you to put links on your blog for search engine rankings, which Google doesn’t like. I’ll be honest, on this blog, I don’t value my search engine positioning, as most of my readers come through other blogs/forums, rather than search engines.

Anyway, I headed to a place where I could find link sellers, scammers & spammers, that wonderous place formally known as Digital Pointless.  I put on a fairly nondescript post, saying I had a big budget, and wanted a few links, any niche, and any PR.

This was the big problem, as I was innundated with responses. Within 3 hours I had 50 responses. Searching through the tripe I found one very helpful post from a “david01″, who spelt it all out for me:-


So from “Dave!” (why the exlamation mark? Why?), we can see that PR6 links are $50/month ($600/year), and PR5 links are $30/month ($360/year).

Going on the value of Senor Ronaldo, he is £80 million, which, if my forex ticker is on the ball, is around $132,360,000.

So from that, we can see that for the price, we can buy 220,600 PR6 for a whole year, or 1 PR6 link for 220,600 years.

I found this aribitary and probably totally inaccurate Pagerank Table.


So, to achieve the elusive Pagerank of 10, I’d need 16,803 PR6 backlinks. Which will cost me $10,081,800/year.

So, for the price of Christiano Ronaldo, I could get:-

Sorry Manchester United fans, but I know what I’d rather have!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Paolo Camera


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