June 24th, 2009

Cleaning Out My Reader


So I’ve spent the last three hours or so cleaning out my Google Feed Reader. This is what I have found.

  • I may be an awesome blogger, but I’m a shit commenter & contributor to blogs. Yes, although I’ve been slowly, but surely plugging away at my site, I haven’t really contributed on any real blogs per se, more a case of posting on individual posts. So much so that I have no idea where my ex is blogging now. I followed trails of “this blog is dead, go here” to various blogs, and blogs have been permanently hidden, and even one blogger I knew has died. And I didn’t care. Well I did, but….
  • The reason my contribution has been shit has been because it got hidden in all the fluff. I oversubscribed. I thought “Yes! I can follow over 150 feeds on a daily basis”. In actual fact all I read were funny cartoons and pictures of LOLcats, whereas posts from friends were lost under posts entitled “Here are a Gazillion Ways To Make a Bajillion Online”. Which reminds me.
  • The Average Money Making Quest Lasted 4 Posts and Is Largely Unsuccessful. Yes, a year ago seemingly every single country with a half decent cricket team wanted to “Make Money Online”, and do a quest to make money online. Surprise surprise, it didn’t work, and once the concept of hard grafting actually entered the fray.Two appeared to be successful. One blog started out as a return on investment blog. She spent $10 on a domain name, she made $20 back. Never blogged again. Fair play to her. Another girl’s (yes, I admit I subscribe to blogs because I fancied the writer) last post was that she was quitting blogging to become an adult entertainment actress. Lord knows “The Quest To Have Lots of Sex For Money” would’ve been more interesting than “My Quest To Make Money Online”. She should’ve kept blogging.
  • I have more time for blogs I’m interested in now. I have now new categories in my feed. A rather awesome “Wrestling” category featuring blogs such as the BWP Blog and BWP Forum update (check it out, it’s great and sign up and contribute!), and a “Travel” category featuring a rather excellent “Nerdy Nomad” and “Everything Everywhere“. To sods who are living my ideal life. Boo them!
  • I have more time now on my hands to read blogs. This time I mean it, I’m looking for more blogs to read. Basically, travel, SEO (especially if you claim to be rubbish), video gaming, wrestling, or if you’re hot. I will read it. So if you want a reader (not an increase to your RSS number), let me know your blog, why I should add you, and link, and I’ll consider it. Cheers!

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