June 18th, 2009
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Culturally British Games?


chavette 2A story recently emerged from the Digital Britain Report is that games who are deemed to be “Culturally British” may get tax breaks.

“The review quotes the system in place for British movies, where those that “speak to a British narrative, rather than the cultural perspectives of Hollywood or multinational collaborations” will be given cultural tax credits.”

Fabulous! This got me thinking. What games could be released under this new venture? Here’s some suggestions.

  • Chavilization
  • Arse-arse-ins Creed
  • Call of Duty: Free Trip to France
  • Earl Grey Tea-m Fortress
  • Death-binge-r
  • Animals Crossing: Let’s Go To The Park And Look Hard, Like
  • Soul Concealed-Blade
  • Fallout 3 – Featuring Shaznay and Chardonnay outside a nightclub.
  • 2010 Fifa World Cup – UK Edition. Sorry, English edition, because none of the others have a chance, and we’re sure to win.
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Banging Remix Edition

And of course Street Fighter: Hoodie Edition

There’s mine in my 3 or 4 minutes it’s taken me to write this post. What do you think? Any suggestions of “Culturally British” Video Games? Leave them in the comments

Creative Commons License photo credit: malias


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