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And their usernames.

Yes, instead of going to hot indie chicks at festivals “Yes! I’m on facebook, I’m member number #4509390″ (which may have happened to me before), we can now say something a lot more manageable.

Of course, the blogging world has been going crazy for this. Social networking sites have compiled lists of the Funniest Vanity URL’s (using the lamest sense of the word), and the SEO Bastard Gurus have been beating their chests for getting a great keyword rich URL, despite the fact the rest of the world doesn’t really care (and that SEO can’t be taken, because it’s less than 5 letters long).

Me? I’m happy with claiming my internet identity. I got rhyswynne. In your face all the other “Rhys Wynne’s” out there (and I know of at least 3 on facebook personally).

What did you get? Happy with it?


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