What am I referring you to this flow diagram? Let me explain.

At the moment, it appears that swine flu seems to be affecting celebrities, where UK based sitcom actress Mollie Sugden died this week. In one tweet on Wossy’s Twitter account, Twitter was innundated with #MrsSlocombesPussy posts. Including a fair few from me as well.

In short, Mrs Slocombes Pussy was err….spread throughout the world, and certain areas of the blogosphere (Mashable, and to a greater extent Techcrunch) outcried. “Oh my goodness! How can this world live with such a horrible word in the trending topics!”. Even when they informed them of why this was a trending topic, the writer wrote a fairly insensitive comment in retaliation.

This is what I was talking about last week! Bloggers breaking stories without knowing the full facts. Techcrunch seems to have a reputation (reading the comments) of breaking news without finding out facts.Facts that if they spoke to one of their twitter followers (come on, they must have some from the UK) to explain it, it would avoid updates, explaining themselves, and a loss or reputation.

To conclue: news breaking is like sex. It’s always a great thing to come first. Sometimes it makes you look inconsiderate and insensitive, but at the very least shows a lack of preparation.

* Before I get shouted at, the story I used in comparison was Billy Mays death, and how I researched it. I’m well aware I’m just one person, likewise with the states, but it seems to be a trend of big websites. Probably I should’ve put that, but it does annoy me that US Centric websites don’t realise there’s nothing outside of their sites, that we’re all living in mud huts and carry around spears. But there we go.

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