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This post is in reply to a Facebook comment from Rhys.

The comment (if you’re not my facebook friend – if you’re not, why not?), said this:-

“I’ve stopped my full posts coming onto FB – it stops people visiting your website, as they just comment here.”

This post is an answer to why I do put my posts Facebook.

When I was last on the Beeb to talk about blogging & the state of the blogosphere (listen to the interview here), I talked rather a lot about hubs (much more than made the final cut incidentally), blogs now are seemingly the final place to drive traffic to, rather than the first place to go for news. As a result, my posts shouldn’t be a “the only place to find good posts.”, it should be a “hey, look here! My post has been on facebook and you like it. If you subscribe to my RSS feed, you can get posts like this daily!”.

Okay, maybe not daily. But the point is that whilst I feel that the community surrounding my blog has dwindled due to the lack of comments, in actual fact it’s risen due to Twitter, Facebook and the syndication of my posts in a few places on the internet. All because that there are only 3 comments in a post compared to 7 or 8 a year ago, doesn’t mean that they’re not commenting. I get replies on Twitter & Facebook as well (though mainly my facebook replies are “What the bloody hell are you talking about?”), hence what brought on this comment.

And that I guess is what being a blogger about. It’s not about denying possible readers your posts, it’s about being as open and approachable as possible. I know a lot of people think like Rhys, who try and tease readers into their blog, and that’s their perogative (I’m not going to tell people how to blog), but for me,  by being as open and approachable as possible seems to work.

In which case, does that make me a blogger? Or some twitter/blogger/facebook mutant?

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