July 23rd, 2009
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New Template! Again?


Yes, in what has been a soft launch, I have launched a new template! I wasn’t completely happy with it, and about a week after began designing another theme.

However, a week or so of work, I too was unhappy with that theme. What you see now is the compromise between the two.

A few new features. One of which is actaully my first wordpress plugin I’ll be releasing in a couple of weeks:-

JQuery-ise The Site
My latest thing I’ve tried to get half decent at is JQuery & Javascript, and it shows on this site. I’m putting in a couple of Javascripts (the tabs down the side, and the hover effect under the icons) to see if they work, and work they do!

Couldn’t think of a name for this, but this is going to be my first WordPress Plugin, it’s a method of inserting a small box in the header of the page, to advertise important things (such as the bbPress Plugins 0n the top of the page now). I’ve got a better idea with what to put there, but that will come later!

One thing I have been unable to do is integrate Tweetbacks to the blog, they’re not displaying. Any suggestions as to why this is?

Anything Else?
Well it would of been a soft launch yesterday, but I got stumbled quite heavily (too heavily for a time, I forgot to re-switch-on the wp-cache, slowing down the site immensely), but there didn’t seem any problems. Do you see any? What do you think of the layout? Any problems?


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