July 16th, 2009
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Stepping into the Ring


Remember last Friday’s post? Of course you don’t, it attracted 0 comments. Here’s what I posted:-

I’ve got a nervy weekend ahead of me. I’m not sure how much I can talk about it, even when the weekend is over, but if it all goes well, it should be absolutely awesome. I’ll probably divulge it on Twitter. Depending on how this weekend goes will lead to a small change in direction to this blog. I’ll keep you posted.

Well, the Saturday was a complete success. Well, as best as it could’ve been.


I had my first non-refereeing role with wrestling (I had to speak on the microphone) and – despite freezing for 30 seconds – I got over what I wanted to say! There are videos on youtube of it, but you’re not seeing them.

So, the change of direction in this blog? I’ll be actively promoting the shows I’ll be doing on this blog now. Telling you where and when. I know at least 3 of my readers are in Wrexham, and may have attended. But nevertheless I’m going to tell you about the shows I’ll be attending.

Also, we’re always looking for venues! We’d be happy to go almost anywhere in the UK for a show or two. We’ve got 3 venues pretty much sorted (Wrexham, Crosby & Stoke), but are always looking for more. If you want to see a good show for cheap, leave the venue (100-200 seater – things like community centres and town halls) name in the comments, and we’ll investigate it. Cheers!

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