Ladies and gentleman, let the Ashes begin!

Creative Commons License photo credit: andydolman

For the unaware, The Ashes are the greatest cricket tournament in the world. It is between the mighty England (ably carried by Welsh players I may add), and our colonial inferiors, the Aussies.

Unfortunately, by some sheer chance, the Aussies won the last series 5-0. But the time before in England, in the greatest ever ashes tournament in the history of the world, cricket fever was grabbed by the short and curlies when England defeated the Aussies 2 tests to 1 (2 draws) to regain the Ashes after 21 years of hurt.

For most of you, you probably will want to learn about cricket and the history of this tournament. Simply treat cricket the way most of us treat cricket – something that goes on in the background during a five day piss up. But if you want to learn the basic, have a look at this Cricket for Newbies article, as well as this history of the Ashes here.

I know I have at least 2 cricket fans reading this, and certainly plenty of Aussies reading my blog. I expect certain lurkers to contribute to this post, notably one man who saw that catch and that Ricky Pointing run out in the Third Day of the Fourth Test at Trent Bridge. So that is why, in this post, sledging will be permitted.

So Aussies, a country with about as much culture as a petri dish, let the series begin!

Who do you think will win?


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