I read a fascinating post (if slightly unrelated) whereby a company spammed 51 top SEO’ers (well it’s a matter of opinion, but meh, they wrote it, so it must be true!) for somebody to do the SEO work for them. Although I don’t necessarily agree with their gung ho replies (karma’s a bitch), I do see a lot of truth in what they are saying. If you are to approach me, for something like a – say – a link exchange, I’ll be more likely to respond to an email that:-

1. Starts With My Name – I mean, come on, eff eff ess. This place is called “The Gospel According To Rhys”. You’ve got my first name right there!

2. Doesn’t force me to post a link in your style – Sure, suggest a style with the keywords you want. Just don’t expect me to use it, please. It needs to fit.

3. Actually bloody useful - I know my readers fairly well (hell, I’ve slept with a couple of them, beat THAT for reader interactivity), I know that your new affiliate network won’t interest them, so please don’t ask me to blog about it.

4. Doesn’t Make Me Jump Through Hoops - This is annoying me at the moment. A number of emails I have received in the last week have said “If you want to link exchange with us, sign up to xyz.com service so we can track your link.”. How hard is it to track links? With that said….

5. Doesn’t track links - Seriously, I’ll look down on you if I post a link in a blog post about your site, and I get an email asking me where your link goes when the blog drops from the home page. It’s horrible. Be bloody greatful.

See, this is the thing. SEO’ers (particularly rubbish ones) are usually people who believe that they’re above everybody else (as those emails in the post mentioned at the top of the page, but they have at least some level of justification). If you’re going to interact with the blogging community, be bloody humble!

But seriously, I’m not that much of an ogre. Look at my blogging sidebar, see the “Friends” link? Half of those blogs don’t link to me.  Furthermore, I’m lazy. If anything I find online that is cool, I’d probably write about it (case in point – Chain Rxn). So do you have something to show me that’s cool? Leave it in the links and I may linky love it!

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