Being a search engine optimizer & web monkey as a day job, as well as having a healthy interest in all things SEO, I’m often scouring forums for tips, opportunities & even a few giggles. However, forums you come across all walks of life, including a very seedy underbelly. You can spot these seedy underbelly a mile off, because they use some of the following terms, those that make me clinch my buttocks, suck my teeth, and dispair.  So to borrow a theme from Ben’s Barden’s excellent Top 10 Blog Tips, here are my top 10 words and/or phrases I hate as an SEOer.

1. SEO
Yes. I bloody hate the term SEO. In fact, I try and use the term “Web Marketing”. As written by Patrick of Blogstorm, the US has it’s negative connotations with the phrase “SEO” that doesn’t exist over here. Nevertheless, it could. I hate the way people ask me “Is it good for SEO?” like it’s the be all and end all. Trust me (and I’ll touch on this either later this week or next week), it’s not.

2. Submitter
Namely “Auto Submitter”. Often people believe the only way to get links is through submitting, using directory & social bookmarking. There is an element that does work, but you’re far better getting links from other people by asking them. Unfortunately, the way it does work makes people think that they can just constantly submit links over and over again, often using Auto Submitters. They go through everything – comment boxes, forums, directories etc. As a result, they spam people like me, making my job a little harder.

3. Spinning
Another word that has been bastardized by shoddy SEO’ers. Spinning – in content writing terms – originally meant “researching a topic, then writing 3/4 articles on it”. Now it’s a case of “writing an article and then changing the words using a computer so that it kinda is similar but not the same.”. It’s vile, as it’s a popular way for spammers to try and get some content easily (see Scraping).

4. Dear
One of those glorious words lost in translation, so for any person who uses this word in forums (and their first language isn’t English), here’s a primer. “Dear” is primarily used to a wife or spouse. It really shouldn’t be used on Digital Point (see “My dear sweet brothers-I need a unshakable answers for this post from your side“). In fact, Digital Point shouldn’t be used at all. But that’s another post for another time.

5. [Name of Leading SEM/Affiliate Marketer]
If John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker or Zac Johnson told you to jump off a cliff with a nail in your testicles…would you do it? No. So what works for them, won’t work for you. Don’t follow them, forge your own path. There are some great SEM & Internet Marketing blogs out there to read instead of the “Buy this and be awesome” blogs these portray.

6. Monetize
I really hate this word. Particularly followed with “your users” on a lot of Internet Marketing Blogs. It’s like saying “Your readers should pay, as you’re giving yourself up for nothing!”. Good grief, if you’re in it for the money, then you shouldn’t be in it.

7. Content Is King
You’re right. Content is King. But it’s not the answer to everything. I’ve heard it over and over again – “Well first I’m going to write content, and like you know content is king, I’ll be successful!”. Content may be king, but it’s the king of a minor principality in the continent of Web 2.0.

8. Web 2.0!
Yes, does anybody know exactly what this means? I have a rough idea – content driven websites – but hell, there has been forums and BBS’s for years. Either way, our web sites need to be web 2.0. Apparently.

9. My Quality Site
You do not decide on the quality of your site. You have no right to. I’ve had people criticise Retro Garden because they feel it lacks quality. That’s fair enough, that’s their opinion. People also have said that it’s funny & awesome.

10. Page Rank
I find a site. I like said site, I apporach writer of said site wanting some linky love (usually in the form of an exchange for traffic), owner of said site refuses because I have a small pagerank.

Page Rank is like penises. Sure, large one’s look impressive and give bragging rights, but small ones can be equally effective.

So there’s mine, what about yours? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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