One of Google’s latest updates has been tentatively named “Caffiene”. One of the features that people are talking about is more focus on brand names. Which kinda makes sense. For example, if you search for coca-cola or facebook, chances are you want their official site. There’s discussion that Google’s Brand Focus has already been added. So – for the purposes of this excercise – lets assume it has. Now is it a good thing?

The Good
Well, in one way, yes it’s very good.  I generally want the brand’s website first to come top of Google results. Makes sense. If you searched for Facebook, would you want to see Facebook at top? Or some website that is SEO’ed better than Facebook?

The Bad
One problem I can see with this is brands having a similar name to something very similar. For example, if you search Google UK for “Everest”, would you want the window company? The benchmarking tools for Windows? Or the mountain? Google has it’s opinion:-

everestI know which one I’d prefer to be #1. But that’s only one small thing. Overall I think it’s a good thing – it makes the results more suited to good marketable websites, rather than good SEO’ers. Something I much prefer.

Your thoughts?

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